Lesson Plan

Non-Fiction Writing Using Biographies

Students will create a biography about one of their peers

Students will be able to write a non-fiction story about a character from history.

English Language Arts
Grades 3
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1 Introduction

Activity: Reading

Read a non-fiction story to the class. (Sonia Sotomayor is a good one!) As you read, ask the students questions and have them discuss some of the events that happen throughout the story and how they think the characters may be feeling.

2 Direct Instruction

Activity: Drawing

At the end of the story, ask them what kind of non-fiction story they think the book is. Talk about the text features of a biography and write them down on an anchor chart. In advance, pairs of students should be assigned. Explain to the students that they will be writing a biography about a peer from their class.

3 Guided Practice

Have the students use their iPads and work with a partner to write notes about things in their life that could be in their own biography. They should use the post-its as a sort of pre-writing activity where they write down their ideas. The notes should be all about their partner.

4 Independent Practice

Free to Try, Paid

On their iPads, student will then take the notes that they have from their partner and write a biography about them. These do not have to be long, just enough to display the students writing abilities and understanding of biographies.

5 Wrap- Up

Activity: Presenting

Students who finish their short biography on their partner will then read the biography to the class.