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Non- Fiction writing

Introduction to planning for non-fiction writing
Colleen M.
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Students will be able to write a basic piece of non-fiction writing about an animal from a plan that we created as a class.  

English Language Arts
Grades 1
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1 Hook

Activity: Reading

Teacher will read 2 books. One book will be a non-fiction book about deer and another will be a fiction story about deer.  

2 Direction Instruction


Start with talking about the difference between fiction and non-fiction writing.  Use WeKWL to make a KWL chart about what we know about non-ficiton writing.  Make observations about the book we just read and things that we notice about how non-fiction is different from fiction.  

Student Instructions

Students will share what they know about non-fiction writing.  

3 Guided Practice


Teacher will read a book about fish.  This will be a non-fiction book where students can learn about fish.  We will then use Popplet to organize the information as a class.  Students will use a device to help add facts to the class Popplet.  

4 Independent practice

Book Creator
Free, Paid

Students will use the book creator app to write a short book about fish facts.  Students will use the Popplet that we created together and also other facts they may know.  

5 Wrap -up

Book Creator
Free, Paid
Free to try, Paid

Students will publish their book in book creator and then export them to teacher tube.  Students can also share a link to this on their blog page on Kidblog.