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Newsela Summary and Poster Discussion

Students practice their analyzing, summarizing, and oral communication skills.
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Students will be able to summarize and orally communicate information effectively to their peers.

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Grades 9 – 12
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1 Direct Instruction

Students are given instruction on how they will be reading with their "reading buddies" (Which are predetermined based on their Lexile Scores). They will be using the website www.newsela.com and will be choosing an article that interests them. Students will be required to analyze, summarize, and create a visual representation of their article in order to present it to other groups in the class. Alternative practice is using the exile adjuster on the website and printing articles based on reading levels of the partnerships. 

2 Reading and Summarizing

Activity: Reading

Students will then select an article that interests them and begin reading, summarizing and creating a poster to aide in their upcoming presentation. The summary worksheet is broken into several parts. The first part is simply asking the students in 3-5 sentence write a summary of the article. Part two has the readers decide what is the main idea of the passage in one sentence. The final step is up to the teacher. Depending on what the focus is in the class during the time of the activity the third part has varied from the students citing evidence to support their conclusions, identifying certain key terms using context clues that they might not know, or simply finding basic grammar skills like direct or indirect objects or author bias in writing. Students should be reading to one another and aiding each other in the reading process.

3 Presentation

Activity: Presenting

This step I refer to in class as "Speed Dating". Students will be partnered with another group. They will then be given 5 minutes to present each groups information to the other and then to have a discussion about each group's topics. At the end of the 5 minutes the group then rotates to the next group and the timer starts again. The goal is for students is to be concise and efficient in presenting information to their peers. It is also a relaxing and easy way for students to practice their oral communication skills. The time limit is stressed so students have to stay on task in order to finish their discussions with one another.