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New Title Speed Dating

Students will come to the library for interactive book talk sessions as a part of the high school Reader's Workshop initiative in their English classes.
Melissa J.
Media specialist/librarian
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Students will be able to...

Get to know about some of the interesting new titles available for them in our HS library

Create a wishlist of titles to read this year 

English Language Arts
Grades 9 – 12
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1 How do you "taste" a book?

Activity: Other — Exploring a book to discover your interest

Teacher will model how to explore a title to see if it might be of interest, show how the use of a site like Goodreads can help track interests and reading lists as well as enable sharing of liked books with friends.

Student Instructions

Students will walk the reading lounge using their phones to view trailers, reviews, and summaries linked to book covers using Aurasma.