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Teacher-Created Lesson Plan

Native American Tribal Cultures

Students will use digital resources to find and present facts about Native American groups
Cresta K.
Classroom teacher
Allegany County Public Schools
Cumberland, United States
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My Subjects English Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies

Students will be able to...

  • Use digital resources to identify at least 4 facts about a Native American group (i.e. Northeast Natives, Southeast Natives, Plains Natives, Southwest Natives, Northwest Natives)
  • Use a digital tool to present information, including pictures and videos, about a given topic
  • Work collaboratively in a group to accomplish a common goal
Social Studies
Grades 3 – 5
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1 Hook

  • Present students the video from Brainpop about American Indians.  
  • After watching the video,  review key points from the video about the five Native American groups.  Use a class chart to record student responses. 

2 Preparing for Group Work

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  • Using the GroupMaker app, break the large classroom into five collaborative work groups.  Assign each group the name of a Native American group-Northeast Natives, Southeast Natives, Plains Natives, Southwest Natives, Northwest Natives
  • Direct groups to gather information about their given Native American group.  Information can include but not be limited to:



             Spiritual beliefs


             Characteristics of their daily living activities


  • Tell students they can use web-resources for information and gather their facts on a Padlet.  Their information can include images and video.  Each group must collect at least four facts about their Native American group and record it on their Padlet page.


3 Creating a Thinglink of their Native American Group

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  • Give a short tutorial on how to create a Thinglink using a chosen image and creating targets on the image.  Be sure to demonstrate how students can link videos to a target.  
  • Have student groups choose one image that represents their given Native American group for their Thinglink.  
  • Direct students to create at least four target points on the photo to add their research facts they recorded on their Padlet.  If they want to include a video to a target be available to help link the url.

4 Share and Celebrate

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  •  Allow each student group time to share their new learning and their digital Thinglink creations.  Students can ask and answer questions as long as rules of respect and school appropriateness are honored.  
  • As an exit ticket, students will use a post it to write one new fact they learned about a different Native American group and post it on the door frame as they leave with their name on the back.  
  • OPTIONAL: At the end of the presentations, ask for students to write down one way their group worked well and one way to improve the experience as their reflection.