Lesson Plan

Narrative Writing

Enables students to write a narrative story.

Students will be able to...

 identify all the elements of a narrative story

 write their own story using all elements

English Language Arts
Grades 3
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1 Hook

Activity: Conversing

Teacher will ask students if they like tacos.

Teacher will ask students what is in a taco.

Teacher will talk about how a taco is made up of different parts.

Teacher will explain that a narrative story is like a taco that is made up of different parts.

2 Direct Instruction

Teacher will reference and explain the story elements chart displayed on projector.

3 Guided Practice

Teacher will explain to students that they will be making a story element "taco".

Teacher will leave chart projected as a reference.

Student Instructions

Students will create a "taco" with all the story elements

4 Independent Practice

Free, Paid

Teacher will explain that students will create a simple narrative story using Storybird


5 Wrap up

Free, Paid

Teacher will have students publish their stories on the classroom dashboard.


Student Instructions

Students will publish their stories on the classroom dashboard in Storybird for teacher and classmates to read and evaluate.