Lesson Plan

Naming Shapes

Remembering Shapes and the Details

Students will be able to...describe a shape by telling things like the number of sides, number of vertices, and other special qualities, name shapes correctly, and name shapes in their environment. 

Grades K – 3
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Teacher Notes
Student Notes

1 The Hook

Activity: Reading

Read the book: Mouse Shape 

2 Direct Instruction

Activity: Creating

Create a list, on chart paper, of the shapes that you read about in the story.   

Student Instructions

Have the students recall the shapes.  

3 Guided Practice

Activity: Other — Singing

Review the shapes by singing the song the Hokey Pokey but instead of a body part use one of the shapes.

Student Instructions

Cut out the shapes:  square, rectangle, circle, and triangle, and hexagon. 


4 Guided Practice

Activity: Creating

With the students, the teacher will begin to develop a Shape Anchor Chart.(Sections:Shape Name, Number of Sides, The Lines, What it Look Like)  Add a shape to the chart every day.

5 Independent Practices

Activity: Exploring

Prepare a hunt some hidden some more obvious everyday items with the same shapes. 

Student Instructions

Have the children go around the room on a scavenger hunt for items that are the shame shape as the shapes we've discussed to feel in the last section of the chart.

6 Wrap-up

Allow the children to use technology to play review shape games