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Mystery Writing

Leads students through the steps of writing a mystery
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Students will be able to...

Compose a grammatically correct fictional narrative involving some kind of mystery.

The story should have a clear main character or characters involved in solving the mystery. It should also make clear what is the mystery and include clues to help the reader solve the mystery.

The use of suspense/tension is highly recommended as a way of keeping the audience's attention.

The writing should be free of spelling mistakes.

English Language Arts
Grades 5
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1 Pre-writing

Activity: Creating

Create a list or graphic organizer to help you record your ideas for the mystery, including characters, setting, clues and suspense.

2 First draft

Google Drive
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Compose your ideas from the pre-writing into complete sentences and paragraphs. Remember to capitalize the first word of every sentence and include some form of ending punctuation (periods, exclamation marks, questions marks).

3 Peer edit

Google Drive
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Using the mystery writing rubric (shared with you in the Google Drive), ask a classmate to help you improve your first draft.

4 Second draft

Google Drive
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Use the information (questions and suggestions) to revise your writing into a second draft that you can share with the teacher.

5 Conference with the teacher

Google Drive
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Sign up for a teacher-student conference to get editing and revision feedback from the teacher.

6 Final draft

Google Drive
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Make all your editing changes and revisions in this final draft. Let the teacher know when it is complete and ready to be evaluated.