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My Five Senses (Focusing on Touch)

Children will learn about the sense of touch
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Students will be able to identify the five senses and will know what the sense of touch is all about. Students will be able to know what the purpose of the sense of touch is and know new words related to the sense of touch such as soft, smooth, hard, rough, slimy, squishy, and fuzzy.

Grades Pre-K
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1 Hook: Mystery Bags

Activity: Exploring

-Have four brown paper bags, one with something soft, one with something hard, one with something rough, and one with something squishy and slimy. 

-Have each student come up and feel around in the bags and have them describe what they feel based on their sense of touch.


2 Direct Instruction: Read the book "Touch (Five Sense Series)" by Maria Rius and show Youtube video

-Read the book and ask open ended questions as you read to get students thinking and making connections to past knowledge. 

-After reading the book, play the Youtube video for the students and allow them to get up and dance and sing along if they want to. 

3 Guided Practice: Make Slime!

-Go around and add all necessary ingredients to the children's bowls and allow them to mix them together with your help when needed. 

-While creating the slime have students describe what their slime is like and how it feels.

4 Independent Practice: My Hands Can Feel Many Things Activity

-Give each student a paper with five outlines of hands and five pieces of material with various textures (rough,smooth,fuzzy,bumpy,soft).

-Walk around and help students glue materials onto their paper.

5 Wrap Up

Activity: Drawing

-Have students come together and ask about what they learned and listen to their responses. Ask what types of things they could do/feel with their sense of touch.

-For the wrap up activity have them take pictures of rough things, hard things, soft things, etc. 

-Allow students to walk around and take pictures with the tablets of things that they can feel with their sense of touch.

-Walk around and help students who may be struggling.