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My Family and Me

Students will create Family Portraits as an extension to learning about families in their classes during Social Studies.
Cynthia C.
Technology coordinator
P.S. 361 East Flatbush Early Childhood School
Brooklyn, United States
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My Grades K, 1, 2

Students will be able to...

Create a family portrait using a computer graphics program to draw, color, and label. 

This project is an extension of what the students are learning in Social Studies in their classes. 

Social Studies
Grades 1
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1 Hook

Show students former students' completed projects.

Explain that they will be making family portraits using Paint since they are learning about families in class.

Student Instructions

Discuss who the members are in their families.

2 Direct Instruction

Show them the large “Paint” icon that appears on the desktop of the monitor screen. 

Review that when we open a program from the desktop we have to double click the mouse. 

On the SMARTBoard, locate the Paint toolbar and point to each tool button. 

We will focus on and use the Line tool to draw, the Fill tool for adding color, and the Pencil tool to label their family members.  Also we will use the Undo tool for mistakes. 

Demonstrate drawing a picture of me using the Line tool.  Then fill in colors with the Fill tool. Last, use the Pencil tool to label. 

Student Instructions

Watch as I go through the steps to creating a Family Portrait.

Raise your hands to ask a clarification question.

3 Guided Practice

Show students the rubric and checklist of the assignment expectations. 

Use the rubric to grade a former student's work.

Student Instructions

As a class, grade a former's students work using the rubric.

4 Independent Activity

 Instruct them to draw a picture of themselves first and then their family members. 

Circle around the room and take a quick assessment of students' abilities to open the program, using the Line tool, using the Fill tool, using the Pencil tool, and the Undo tool.. 

Student Instructions

Create a family portrait.

5 Exit Ticket

Have students complete the portrait. 

Print 3 copies of the portraits- one for the student, one for the classroom teacher, and one for myself.

Student Instructions

Complete the family portrait.