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My country (food)

An inquiry into the traditions of the Spanish speaking countries. Central Idea: culture unites people in a country.
Alberto P.
Classroom teacher
Stamford American International School Pte Ltd
Singapore, Singapore
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My Subjects World Languages

Content objective: Students will be able to talk and discuss with other about their food likes and dislikes. 

Cultural objective: Students will be able to link their own food and home country. 

Language objective: Students will be able to use the vocabulary food, the articles and the verb to like. 

World Languages
Grades 3 – 5
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1 Quizlet and Quizlet LIVE

While the students arrive to the classroom they start practicing the weekly vocabulary set about food using Quizlet. They connect the vocabulary they already know (prior knowledge) with the new one. When every student is the class and they have practiced for about 3 minutes we start the interactive game Quizlet. This is one of the more motivating activities or the students since they are learning and playing at the same time. LIVE. https://quizlet.com/272925455/16-la-comida-nl-flash-cards/

Student Instructions

After coming in the class we start our quiet time reviewing the vocabulary from our quizlet about food: 


When everybody is in the class we will start our Quizlet LIVE. quizlet.live (code will appear on the screen). 

2 Fruites song Rockalingua: I like fruits

Teacher plays the fruits song that includes the grammar related to articles and the verbs that the students need to practice prior their own Speaking. Students sing along and after the song the teacher shares concepts, grammar and vocabulary that the students need to identify from the song a use after. This can be done as a simple mind map on the white board with the words EL (masculine) and LA (feminine). 

Student Instructions

Sing the song I like fruits, identify masculine and feminine articles and the verb to like. 

3 Individual Task Speaking: Wheel decides

Teacher shows the wheel with the students names to randomly select one as every day. This student ask questions to the rets of the class applying the vocabulary and grammar learnt from the quizlet and the song. 

Student Instructions

Ask questions such as: What is your favorite food, fruit? What do you like? What do you not like?

4 Direct Speaking practice: FlipGrid

Students complete work independently to demonstrate their mastery using FlipGrid. They will open the link for the grid and will see the questions that they need to reflect on in their recording like: What I eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

Student Instructions

Open the link for our food grip and record your answers. 

5 WRAP-UP: exit card and final game

Activity: Other — Exit card and final game

Students complete a small exit card about a food they do not like and they join the circle to play a quick final game where everyone moves and change sits when the person in the middle says they favorite type of food. 

Student Instructions

Fill the exit card and join the circle for the final food game.