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My Bubble Map/Self Portrait

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Students will be able to create a Bubble Map that describes themselves. They will also include a self-portrait and upload their drawings to VoiceThread to add their voice descriptions to each drawing.

English Language Arts
English-Language Learning
Grades 1 – 3
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1 Bubble Map

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Students will use a Bubble Map template that includes SIX sections that will help students describe their interests. Teachers can use a variety of digital tools to accomplish this step. We use Pixie, but Kidspiration, Notability, or Google Draw will accomplish the same task, which is to create  a Bubble Map. To see examples, CLICK HERE





Student Instructions
  1. Open the Bubble Map template and type your NAME in the center
  2. Use PICTURES and WORDS to describe your interests (favorite foods, sports, hobbies, etc.)
  3. Add a CAPTION under each picture that describes why you included that image

2 Self Portrait

Once students complete their Bubble Map with six describing words with pictures, they will then use a drawing application to create a self-portrait. The "setting" should include their favorite place (beach, mountain, fantasy, jungle, etc.). Students will then EXPORT their two items (Bubble Map and Drawing) to .jpg format so it can be added to VoiceThread.


Student Instructions
  1. Use a DRAWING application to create a self-portrait of yourself
  2. Be sure to include DETAILS about how you look, skin color, hair, eyes, clothes, etc.
  3. Include a BACKGROUND setting that shows you in your favorite place (beach, mountains, desert, etc.)

3 Publish to VoiceThread

Once students have EXPORTED their two pags (bubble map and self-portrait) it's time to add these files to VoiceThread. The title should be "All About Me". Students will then record themselves describing their drawings, being sure to include an introduction ("Hi, my name is __ and this is my Bubble Map") and conclusion ("Thanks for listening").

Student Instructions
  1. Login to VoiceThread and click CREATE
  2. Upload your two drawings (Bubble Map and self-portrait) to VoiceThread
  3. ​Click COMMENT to add your voice to each drawing. Be sure to describe yourself and your interests.
  4. Please include an INTRODUCTION ("Hi my name is ___ and this is my Bubble Map") and CONCLUSION ("Thanks for listening!")