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Music is a Universal Language

Music Appreciation from around the Globe
Leslie T.
Technology coordinator
McNinch Elementary School
Moundsville, United States
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My Grades Pre-K, K, 1, 2
My Subjects Arts

Students will be able to...

Locate Countries on the Globe using Google Earth

Use Listening skills to identify the musical instruments being played

Using these clues, student will be able to guess the composer or country of origin


English Language Arts
English Language Learning
World Languages
Social Studies
global awareness
music theory
Grades Pre-K – 5
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1 Direct Instruction

Activity: Conversing

Teacher will lead discussion about global music, countries of interest, instruments common to these countries, composers from these countries.

Using iTunes, teacher will play listening examples for the students, asking them to notice the instruments they are hearing.  If you had to guess, where do you think this song comes from?

Student Instructions

Students will listen and stay on task

2 Guided Practice

Teacher will lead in showing students how to use Google Earth, either web based or in the Google Earth app.  For example, if the group is assigned Germany, students will type Germany into Google Earth.  Once they are looking at Germany, they can virtually explore the country from their device.

Teacher will assign a county or region to each group of students.



Student Instructions

Students will be assigned to a group for this project.

Within their groups, students will get to explore using Google Earth to research different regions of the world.

Students will focus their attention on their assigned country or region.  Explore your country virtually.

3 Independent Practice


Teachers will demonstrate this website in class to show students how to find research materials for their project:



Student Instructions

Students will use website for most of their research into composers and their countries of origin:

Students need to provide their country, the most well known composer from that country, the composers instrument of choice, and any other interesting multicultural fact about their country.


4 Wrap Up

Teacher will communicate with groups on their final project submission and ask the students to hare with the class.

Student Instructions

Students will use One Note to send presentation to their groups and to their teacher for review.  Students will present their findings to the class using the projector, whiteboard, and teacher station computer.

5 Hook

Activity: Presenting

Teacher will lead the class in discussions about travel and other countries.  Then teacher will play listening examples of music from Africa, India, China, Japan, USA, etc...


Student Instructions

Students will listen and be engaged

Students will provide feedback to other groups and explain which facts and information stood out to them.