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Museum Exhibit Video

Students will become experts of an exhibit and create a video about it.
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Students will be able to...

1.  Work as a group to become experts on one assigned museum exhibit.

2.  Work as a group to document their exhibit with photos, videos, and interviews.

3.  Work as a group to create an iMovie about their exhibit to share with the rest of the class.

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1 Hook

Students will be introduced to the assignment and objectives before actually going on the field trip.  The project description and rubric for the project are linked to this lesson flow.

2 Group W ork


Students will be using their iPads to take pictures and video of the exhibit their group is in charge of.  They will record information about their exhibit in Pages.

3 iMovie 101

The teacher will demonstrate to students the basics on how to use iMovie.

4 iMovie Creation

Google Drive
Free, Paid

Allow at least 50 minutes for creation and another 50 minutes for editting.  Create folders in your own Google Drive so that students can share their videos with you. 

Student Instructions

Students will work together to incorporate their notes, pictures, and videos into a coherent video about their exhibit.  After they are finished with the video, they will submit their video via Google Drive.

5 Video Share Out

Google Drive
Free, Paid

You will be playing each of the videos so that all the students can watch each other's work.  It is recommended that you play the video on a laptop connected to a projector. At the end of the viewing, provide constructive comments about the videos.