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Multiplying with Number Lines

Using Number Lines with Multiples of Ten
Marla Kay D.
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Students will be able to use number lines to multiply numbers with multiples of ten.

Grades 3
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1 The Hook

Give each student pair a bag with sall items inside. ( crayons, magnets, etc.)  To review mathematical vocabulary, ask partners to model the mathematical terms " product" and "multiples" using objects from the bag.  Check for understanding.

Using the Explain Everything app,  review the mathematical terms "product" and "multiples".  Ask students to work with their shoulder partner and draw an explanation for these words:

1.  Product ( such as 2x3=6  6 is the product.)

2.  Multiples ( such as multiples of 4 include 4,8,12, etc.)


2 Guided Practice

Free, Paid

Log into http://www.frontrowed.com

Select the standard 3.NBT.3 ( Multiplying one-digit whole numbers by multiples of ten in the range 10-90, using strategies based on place value and properites of operations).


Using the LearnZillion resource listed on that page, click on "Multiply by Multiples of Ten using Number Lines."


Show the video on the interactive board, doing the practices with the students.


3 Independent Practice

Activity: Conversing

Ask students to work with their shoulder partners, practicing the skill by using paper copies of number lines and one-digit multiplication problems.

4 Wrap-Up

Ask student partners to create a math problem and show how to solve it using a number line.

Model this first, usng the Explain Everything app on the interactive board.  Then, have student partners work together to complete the project in Explain Everything on their iPads, or on paper if iPads are not available.

(Example:  Jaina bought 10 bracelets for $3.00 each.  How much did she spend on the bracelets?)

Project projects on the interactive board to share with the class   If iPads are not available for students, take a picture with a smart phone and project using an Apple TV on the interactive board.