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Multiply positive and negative fractions

Multiply positive and negative fractions
Kristin S.
Classroom teacher
Rio Vista Middle School
Oxnard, United States
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My Grades 7
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Students will be able to multiply positive and negative fractions.

Grades 6 – 7
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1 Hook

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Pick an exciting activity that will connect solving equations and inequalities to real world examples. With students seeing that what they are about to learn can be used in real world situations, this can prepare students to think critically about the lesson. This will transfer the students into the lesson taught that day.

Student Instructions

Students will be able to see that math goes connect and interact with the everyday world. Students will discuss with two others about the example, and how they think they would solve it. After sharing ideas, we will look at how to solve that certain problem.

2 Direct Instruction

Activity: Other — Taking notes

Cornell notes for topic.

Student Instructions

Student will take notes in the Cornell Notes style in their Interactive Notebooks.

3 Independent Practice

Activity: Exploring

Pass out assignment

Student Instructions

Students can work in groups or alone on the assignment.  Asking each other for help if needed.

4 Wrap Up

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Assign either the  focus question in Classroom or an Exit ticket in Socrative.com

Student Instructions

Student will complete the wrap up activity.