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Multiplication Strategies - Equal Groups

Beginning lesson on multiplication for second graders.
Nicole B.
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Bentworth Elementary Center
Bentleyville, United States
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Students will be able to...

  • identify that multiplication is made up of equal sized groups.
  • create and use equal groups to find the solution to a basic multiplication problem.
Grades 2
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1 Anticipatory Set/Hook

Access the teacher-created Popplet for the week here using an iPad connected to the SmartBoard.

Begin by explaining that today we will be looking at one of the strategies for solving multiplication problems.  Today's focus will be equal groups.

Navigate the Popplet to the section titled "equal groups".  Review the bullet points attached to that title.

2 Procedures

  • Direct Instruction:
    • On the SmartBoard model how to use the Drawing Pad App to draw equal groups to solve a multiplication problem.  
    • Model for students how use the Drawing Pad App.  Students will need to open the app and select a pencil to draw with.  Explain that they may choose different drawing tools throughout the lesson.
  • Guided Practice:
    • Present a multiplication problem to the students on the SmartBoard and have the students draw equal groups along with you using their iPads and the Drawing Pad App.  Repeat this as many times as necessary to ensure student understanding.
  • Application:
    • The students will work together with a partner to complete the workbook page associated with today's lesson.  The students will continue to utilize the Drawing Pad App to help them solve the multiplication problems.  
    • As students finish, they will independently play the Farm Factor App.  This will allow them even more practice of solving multiplication problems using equal groups.  The students will select the app from the home screen and follow the instructions to get started.

3 Closure

  • Have students return to their seats to review the concept of equal groups.
  • Assessment: 
    • Utilize the Plickers App.  Review the process of turning their answer card to show the correct answer and how to check to make sure the teacher got your answer.
    • Using the teacher-created test, have the students complete the questions by drawing out their answers on the Drawing Pad App and then showing the correct answer using their Plickers card.