Lesson Plan


Understanding relationships between multiplication and division

Students will be able to...

Identify products and quotients of factors and how they relate to each other. 





Grades 3 – 5
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1 Hook

Activity: Investigating

Students will gain better understanding of multiplication and division relationships.

2 Direct Instruction

ST Math: K-6
Free to try, Paid

ST Math will introduce and/or support concept of using fact families to gain better understanding of relationship between multiplication and division.  Concepts are presented visually and models represent how factors and products are used to determine division outcomes.  Students are also able to see how and why the outcomes they choose will or will not work.


3 Guided Practice

Small group activity used to support students understanding of multiples and factors.  Great opportunity for a warm-up or assessment opportunities.

4 Independent Practice

Engages students independently through practice and game format to works towards mastery of multipication facts.

5 Wrap-Up

ST Math: K-6
Free to try, Paid

Students can revisit objective as homework to reinforce understanding or past work.  They can also use to focus on assessment questions that were incorrect.  Teachers can use for student reflection by having student explain how they arrived at the answer, what was "JiJi" asking them to do.  Teachers also have opportunity to choose additional extension activities.