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Multi-Media Collaboration - Public Service Announcements

Integrating Classroom and Technology Skills
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**Please Note this is a Multi-Day Lesson Plan**

Students will be able to create and produce multi-media presentations

This lesson is focused on the integration of technology and classroom writing and small group work. 

**If comfortable you can use iMovie to edit the PSA's**

English Language Arts
Social Studies
Grades 3 – 5
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1 Hook - Getting Students Excited About PSA's

Ditch the boring poster board and bring your students into the 21st Century. 

Show this or similar video to get students excited about the process of creating and filming PSA's to bring new life to an old assignment. 

Student Instructions

Working with your assigned group members select a topic you group would like to educate your classmates about.


2 DIRECT INSTRUCTION: Sample Storyboards

Teacher will hold a whole group lesson focused around the content provided by Storyboardthat.com about how to write a PSA. 

Teacher will focus on explaining the different parts of PSA's 

Teacher will leave time for students to turn and talk about the questions provided.



Student Instructions

Students will watch the presentation by the teacher.

During the presentation students will be assigned a partner. 

Teacher will ask students to turn and talk with their partners about the following questions. Then groups will share out. 

1. Why do you think learn to make PSA's?

2. What do the authors of the PSA's hope to achieve by writing and filming them?

3. What similarities and differences do you see in the PSA's we've viewed as a class?

3 Guided Practice

Free, Free to Try, Paid

Students and teachers have viewed the content as a group. Teacher will then create a sample PSA on a topic pre-selected by the teacher. (Be careful to note that you know your students the best and should always be mindful to choose a simple and engaging sample PSA that students will know how to answer as well as not being to controversial as to disrupt the learning process)

A good sample PSA could include an Anti-Bullying PSA done by the class as a whole. 

In another Tab the teacher will have storyboardthat.com open to create a sample PSA with students.


Ask the students:
Where did you have trouble creating dialogue 

Student Instructions

Students will think pair and share ideas for the sample group story board.

Students will come to the Board to add their insights on the whole class PSA.

Students will discuss their experiences thinking about PSA's.


4 Independent Practice

Free, Free to Try, Paid

Teacher will break students up into small groups to write and design their PSA's. 

Teacher will conference with student groups to advise and monitor group progress. 

Students will work in groups to write scripts for their PSA's. Groups will work together to peer edit and review their scripts and storyboards for filming.

Teacher will acquire tablet device or video camera for recording of student PSA's

Student Instructions

Students will work in small groups to create and edit scripts for PSA's.

Groups will share their storyboards with other groups to engage in peer editing and review of their storyboards,.

5 Filming

Teacher will record and save the students PSA's using whatever technology is available to them including smartphones!


If you want you can spend one or two days using iMovie or Windows Movie Maker.

Student Instructions

Students will act our their PSA's

6 Publishing Party.

Activity: Broadcasting

Teacher will set up a schedule for viewing recorded PSA's.

Teacher will evaluate PSA's on the same rubric used by students for Peer Review. 

Student Instructions

Students will peer review PSA's using a presentation rubric submitted by the teacher.