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Student will use info obtained from internet search to demonstrate knowlede of vocabulary and it's use in an equation.
Cordell C.
Special education instructor
Springfield Public Day High School
Springfield, United States
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My Grades 9, 10, 11, 12
My Subjects Math

Students will be able to...  write definitions of five algebraic vocabulary words with 80% independence.  Students will achieve the ability to use internet usage to look up definitions and examples of what a particular equation is asking for.  


Grades 9 – 12
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1 Activator

Activity: Conversing
  • Teacher will hand out a pencil and paper
  • Teacher will begin a conversation giving  words to be  in an Algebra Class 
  • Teacher will ask students to write down what they individually think a word could possibly mean
  • Teacher will hold a call and response style conversation about what students think words mean
Student Instructions
  • Students will write down what they think each vocabulary word the teacher says means
  • Students will verbally respond during call and response with teacher, giving answers to what they believe a vocabulary word means

2 Mini Lesson

  • Teacher will assign each student a computer
  • Teacher will give step by step instructions on how to navigate to a search engine of students choice
Student Instructions
  • Student will log onto their assigned computer
  • Students will decide which search engine they will use

3 Guided practice

  • Teacher will give a  practice word for students to search 
  • Teacher will check and make sure each student is able to use search engine 
  • Teacher will show an example of how to document the definition and equation example  
Student Instructions
  • Students will complete a practice word search using chosen search engine to demonstrate ability to complete given task
  • Students will show that they can document definition and show equation example to prove understanding

4 Independent Practice

  • Teacher will hand out  the vocabulary list and paper set up for definitions and examples
  • Teacher will allow students to work independently to complete assigned list of vocabulary words
  • Teacher will monitor student activity, only giving  help when necessary 
Student Instructions
  • Students will work on the given assignments with as little help as possible.  

5 Wrap up

Activity: Assessing
  • Teacher will ask students when called on to verbally explain the definition that they located  on-line
  • Teacher will ask students to show example of it's vocabulary word use in a equation form on the white board
Student Instructions
  • Students will answer questions about vocabulary when called on by the teacher
  • Students will demonstrate knowledge of vocabulary by writing an equation on the white board using the assigned vocabulary word