Lesson Plan

Motion Coding with Scratch

Creating your first Programming
Matt B.
Technology coordinator
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Students will be able to...

Grades 5 – 8
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2 Direct Instruction

Define the different blocks, and the blocks necessary to make the cat wak. Do not forget to add to change how the cat looks as it is moving around the screen. 

Student Instructions

Follow along by dragging the correct blocks to make you cat move.

  • Make the cat move to the right
  • change the way it looks as the cat moves
  • Make the cat meow when it touches the edge. 


3 Independent Practice

Challenge studetn to add motion for the other 3 directions. As them how this can be used for creating something different.

Student Instructions

Make you cat move in all 4 directions. Make sure the cat looks like it is moving around the screen. Think about how what you are leaarnig can be applied to makeing your own app.

4 Challenge

Challenge students to...

  • make the cat only face left and right.
  • Meow only once when it touches the edge
Student Instructions

Can you make you cat only look left and right? Can you also make your cat meow only once when it hits the edge?