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What tool would you use to measure in inches?
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Students will be able to...

1. Measure the length of an object in inches.

2. Select the appropriate tool to measure in inches.

3. Use rulers, yardsticks, metersticks and measuring tapes.

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1 The hook

This animated video will capture the students attention and its clarity will help them to make connections of prior knowledge and motivate them to learn.

The teacher will present an animated video a first time and ask students to observe what the characters do in order to measure the length of their pet snake.

The teacher will ask these three questions:

1. What is the problem that the characters have?

2. How do they measure?

3. Why they chose different tools at different times?

When the video ends the teacher may show it again or may start conversing with students asking the questions stated earlier and getting answers.  Students may answer directly to the teacher or do turn and talk sharing their findndings about the methods of measuring that the characters use.


2 Instruction

Activity: Conversing

The teacher will model how to measure objects with a ruler using a three steps process.

1. Placing the object and the ruler next to each other.

2. Identifying the zero line in the ruler or measuring object and locating the beginning of the object to be measured.

3. Counting on the numbers in the ruler all the way up to the end of the object that is next to the ruler. 

The teacher may model again with another object or may use the the measuring app and dicuss it with students.  The teacher will reinforce the concepts of beginning and end of the object to be measured as well as the zero line of the ruler and the beginning for counting on with the ruler.  Students may answer and share to clarify their understandings.

3 guided practice

The teacher will use drawings of lines and objects on the smart board and review the steps to measure an object.  

The teacher will invite students to the board to practice measuring lines or objects.  

Students measure the objects. 

Classmates and the teacher will check on the concepts of beginning, end, zero and counting from zero with the ruler.

Students will tell their reasons for selection of a ruler, a yardstick, a meterstick or a measuring tape. 

4 independent practice

Activity: Other — https://docs.google.com/document/d/1K0i9z7n1FgHoWkjFDKlgJue0abKITiFB1_uUD8HwVQ8/edit?usp=sharing

At their tables:                                        

Students will have a set of colored ribbons and measuring tools to measure.  They will be reminded to check for the three steps to measure.  This time they will have to write the number of the total measure of their objects.  

Students may have the option of measuring virtually with the cyberchase ruler in internet.

Students may play games in internet.

Students who finish the activities may have to explore the measures of other objects in the classroom.

The teacher will check measurements that students produce at the different tables.  


5 wrap-up

Activity: Conversing

Students and teacher will share their experiences in measuring objects with a virtual ruler or with an actual ruler or other measuring tool.  They may speak about the three steps to measure and object.  They may discuss the similarities and differences with the hands-on ruler and the virtual ruler. 

The teacher will moderate their discussions and write some of their findings in the board.

Some of the interactive activities may be suggested as an optional homework for practicing even more the subject learned in class.

6 homework

Activity: Conversing

Students will converse and share with parents at home.  Optionally!  They may request computer ussage as homework!