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Moon Phases

Introduction to the Phases of the Moon
Hannah P.
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Students will be able to...Identify phases of the moon in sequence. 

Grades 5
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1 Introduction of the Moon.

HOOK: Use Mr. DeMaio video to engage students, activate prior knowledge, and create background knowledge. 

Direct Instruction: Illustrate and lead guided notes on the phases of the moon. Elaborate on what causes one side to be bright while the other side is dark. Ensure to explain that the moon does not change shape, rather we are seeing different parts of the moon lit at different times. 


2 Students will work in small group to create Moon phases presentation

Activity: Creating

Guided Practice: In small groups, students will create a way to remember the order of the moon phases.


3 Elaborate/Application


Independent Practice: Students explore NASA application for information regarding the Moon. Use information gathered here to lead to add to final project.