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Moʻokūʻauhau: Geneaology

Geneaology research project
Kealiʻi A.
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Kamehameha Schools Hawaii High School
Kea`au, United States
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My Grades 9, 10, 11, 12
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Students will be able to...

  • Use multiple apps and adapt the apps to various content areas to prove or share understanding
  • Create content with an app
  • Create more content with in another app or apps
  • Curate above content into one aka smashing
  • Share content on the web to display their growth and learning
English Language Arts
Social Studies
Grades 9 – 12
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1 Hook

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Moʻokūʻauhau are of great importance in Hawaiian social life since no one can claim admittance to the Papa ali‘i or ranking body of high chiefs with all its privileges and prerogatives who cannot trace his ancestry back to Ulu or Nanaulu, sons of Ki‘i and Hinakoula. Chiefs of Maui and Hawaiʻi generally trace from the Ulu genealogy; those of Kauaʻi and Oʻahu from the Nanaulu. Both lines are respected alike. Both stem from Wākea and Papa and follow approximately the same succession down to the name of Ki‘i as twelfth in line from Wākea. It is to be observed that on the Ulu line three Nana names follow those of Ulu and his wife Ulu-kou, and others occur down the line.

Attention Grabber activity Video Introduction

Connection to prior knowledge

  • Answer the following questions in Todayʻs Meet room.
    • Why is moʻokūʻauhau important to the Hawaiian people according to Kumu Cy Bridges and Jamacia Osorio?
    • Why is treating others with respect important?
    • How does respect relate to a persons moʻokūʻauhau?

Student motivation


2 Direct Instruction

Activity 1:  How to interview someone using Garage Band

Each student will be paired up with a partner in class.  Using Garage Band on their laptop or device they will ask their partner the following questions and record each other.

  • Where are you from?
  • Who is your family?
  • What makes your family different than other families?

Large Group Reflection:

  • What were the challenges with interviewing your partner?
  • What were the success?
  • What can you do to make the process better?

Activity 2:  Each group will use garage band to create background music that goes along with the characteristics of their family.

  • Music, percussions, or other that will later be used in creating back ground music for their final project
  • Share out of rule of using music in projects regarding copyright and fair useage of audio media

Homework Activity:  Talk to your `ohana to gather the information requested in the questions below. Talk to parents, uncles, aunties, and grandparents, anyone who can help you acquire this information.  Record your interview using Garage Band.

Questions to ask your ʻohana:

  • What are the full names (maiden) for myself, my siblings, my parents, their siblings, my grandparents, their siblings, my great grand parents, great grand parent siblings, great great grand parents, great great grand parent siblings, and great great great grand parents.
  • What is the birth order of each generation from oldest to youngest.
  • Where was each person born?  Smallest location.
  • The gender of each person.

3 Guided Practice

Google Drive
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Activity 1:  Upload of peer interview in to Google Drive

  • Export peer interview from Garage Band via email or sound cloud
  • On your device login to your Google Apps for Education account
  • Navigate to Google Drive
  • Under shared with me go to your class folder > your folder > upload interview file into folder
  • Do the same for back ground music created on Garage Band

Background Teacher Set Up & Responsibility

  • Create class folder in Google Drive and a folder for each studnet
  • Set permissions to allow students to edit and view only their own folder
  • Review student interviews and assess for quality and content of recording and provide feedback

Activity 2:  Student upload family interview interviews

  • Choose clips of family interview that answer the questions from the homework assignment that you edited in Garage Band
  • Upload to Google drive folder

Homework Activity:  Complete the moʻokūʻauhau model as accurately as possible follow the guidelines below to help you complete the template.

  • Use only full names; first, middle, and last.
  • Use maiden names only.
  • Trace Hawaiian side of your family.
  • The person you are tracing always goes first on the green lines.
  • The information at noho iā all pertains to the second person.
  • We are looking for your familyʻs birth place not whrere they currently live.
  • If the person is a step sibling change Hānau to hānai.
  • The first born or only child is always ka hiapo.
  • The last born child is always ka muli loa.
  • Add or delete lines of siblings when needed.

Add completed template to your Google folder.  Teacher to then review and give feedback and recommend revisions.

4 Independent Practice

Activity 1:  Students to use Explain Everything to combine interviews, photos, and or other media into a presentation which shares out the research that they found about their families.

  • Family information is very sacred.
  • Include only the information you feel comfortable sharing out about your family.
  • Must include a picture of your self and clips from your interviews.
  • Background music and voice overs for photos and animated movements.
  • Review and revision of project by a peer prior to publishing.
  • Publish your video to youtube or to your Youtube account.
  • Remember to review you privacy settings when publising online.

5 Wrap-Up

Summative Project:

  • On your student Digital Portfolio, create a new page
  • Title the page Pāhana Moʻokūʻauhau (Geneaology Project)
  • Insert your video you created on to your project page.
  • Share URL with your teacher.