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Monster Physics

Application of various laws of physics to achieve a goal
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Students will be able to...

apply basic principals of physics to solve various problems posed by the app or generated by the teacher

Grades K – 12
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1 Introduction - The Hook

Monster Physics
Free, Free to Try, Paid

2+2=4...the constant absolutes of math within science can be frightening to many students, K thru 12. This is a tremendous opportunity to allow creative response while still arriving at the same end result. In effect, you are allowing multiple pathways to a like end or in a sense, electronically differentiating the experience for a child or group. This freedom needs to be part of the introduction, hook, for your lesson. 

You can begin with the tutorial lessons or jump right in to existing problems or even create your own. 

Student Instructions

Students will select a lesson, or begin with an assigned existing or crested lesson.

2 No Absolute Solution

Monster Physics
Free, Free to Try, Paid

After expressing the individuality of response, students should be permitted to work in small groups or individually if desired. By this point, you would have covered laws of gravity, propulsion, friction, mechanics and so on. In effect, this is much more of a culminating activity. 

Student Instructions

Working alone or in small groups [3 max], students will be charged with feeding and/or moving their monster from point A to point B. 

3 What is YOUR answer?

Monster Physics
Free, Free to Try, Paid

You have the option here, if the technology is available, to not only demonstrate, but also to allow students to show off their own unique solution to the problem. 

The beautiful part about this app and using it to punctuate problems is that it keeps the laws/absolutes of physics secure while allowing the students find "their way" to the actual end point...which you establish. 

I have used it with my first grader and have seen it challenge high school level students. It is applicable to all ages...I am even challenged at times to resolve issues and/or problems posed. Enjoy and Happy Apping!

Student Instructions

Find a solution to the problem posed. Keep in mind that there is no one way to achieve this outcome [which is the appeal]. To be more specific, say we need to get food across a space/gap to feed our monster. You can utilize the development of a bridge, crane, rocket, slide and on and on. You are only limited by your own imagination.