Lesson Plan

Monet Mural Collaborative Painting

Students will works together replicating a Monet painting, dividing it into sections on a large scale.

Students will be able to use oil paints and a palette knife, mixing primary colors to create at least 3 new complementary colors.  With an underlying drawing and applied paint, students will express the four elements of art (color, value, shape, and form) on their canvas. 

Grades 7 – 12
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1 Clarify and Establish Set


This lesson will show you how to collaborate and create a wall mural together.
This lesson will incorporate prior knowledge of color theory, oil paints, and popular artist Monet’s work.
Teacher will review some elements of art (color, value, shape, and form)
Teacher will explain how this is important because it is the first step in learning how to make larger and more complex oil painting. 
Teacher will explain the advantages of collaborating together, and how it provides insight for achieving styles and techniques that make good paintings.

2 Demonstrate Knowledge or Skill (Present Task Analysis)


Understanding project



View wall murals and show Powerpoint of Monet’s artwork.

Knowing the elements of color, value.


Review primary colors, color theory, and saturation.

Knowing oil paint.


Review oil paint basics and tools to mix paints.

Knowing form and shape.


Review shapes created on cut mural sheets, prepare to form them with pencil.

Understanding role


Explain the importance of contribution to project, all student participation is needed to form a complete mural.

Completing the mural section painting


Guide students into combining their sections with other classmates to connect the mural (all the sections are numbered.

Peforming a critique


Help lead a discussion about what students observe from their paintings and their classmates’ paintings, giving constructive feedback.  Commenting on examples that work and areas that need improvement. 









3 Provide Guided Practice

Activity: Other — Painting

Students practice mixing oil paints to create complementary colors.
Teacher will circulate and answer students’ questions.
Teacher will repeat assisting students individually until most students are demonstrating the skill of mixing paints accurately.

4 Check for understanding and provide feedback

Activity: Exploring

As most students have made it half way through the assignment, class will discuss and critique their colors demonstrated. 
There will be a mid-project critique. 
Teacher will provide helpful commentary and answer questions to allow students to improve their artwork.

5 Provide Extended Practice and Transfer

Activity: Creating

Give students the opportunity to connect mural pieces together before the final critique.
Students can practice making desired colors with extra effort.
Show students examples of how completed murals should look.
Let students know this will be graded and give them a final due date.