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Modelling a BasketBall Shot (IB MYP Grade 10 Maths)

Using quadratic regression equations to predict the outcome of a basketball shot. Lesson plan/worksheets created by Mrs Bortz, Ms Goulbourne, Mrs Carter, International School of Dusseldorf.
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The task is to find a mathematical model of the path of the ball in order to check if the ball will enter the basket successfully. Students must communicate the process and evaluation of the mathematical model in a typed report.

- Determine the linear function, f (x) = mx + b, its graph, gradient and y-intercept;
- Describe transformations of linear, quadratic [emphasis here], exponential [EXT];
- Graph different types of functions and understand their characteristics;
- Determine the range, given the domain;
- Solve equations algebraically and graphically;
- Factorize linear and quadratic expression;
- Use substitution to evaluate expressions;
- Change the subject of a formula;
- Evaluate the logarithm of a number and simplify numerical expressions[EXT];
- Determine inverse [linear] and composite functions and their graphs
- Describe and analyze transformed logarithmic, rational, sine and cosine functions [EXT]

- Functions Types: linear, quadratic, exponential, logarithmic Domain & Range
- Transformations
- Equations
- Linear
- Quadratic
- Simultaneous
- Logarithms with different base number [including natural logarithms]
- Functions and graphs
- Logarithmic and rational
- Inverse [linear only] and composite functions
- Transformation of quadratic functions
- Factoring of algebraic expressions
- Substitution
- Rearranging of algebraic expressions
- Algebraic fractions


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This activity (lesson flow) assumes that prior teaching has covered Quadratic and Linear Regression Equations.  

This activity is a Summative assessment which requires the students to apply the above techniques to a real life situation (Basketball Shot). What the students may need help with is how to use the computer based graphing calculator TI-84, which can be downloaded using a 90 day trial from the attached link.

The other link takes students/teachers through a step by step process of how to find the values of a quadratic regression equation.


This summative assessment task requires the students to take coordinates (from Desmos, see image below), apply to a quadratic regression equation (using the T-84 Emulator), and then make predictions as to whether or not the shot will make it to the basket.