Lesson Plan

Mining Personal Histories

An introduction to mining personal histories using the FREE mini-unit in Educurious
Amy B.
Classroom teacher
South Park Elementary Center
South Park, United States
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My Grades 2, 4

Students will be able to...

Read and comprehend nonfiction texts.

Understand the importance of personal stories.

Use a list of nonfiction elements to analyze a video.

Explain what makes a classroom discussion important.


English Language Arts
Social Studies
Grades 7 – 10
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1 Hook

Play the Norm Rice Video. 


This lesson is based on the one of the free mini-units on Educurious.  It is titled: Mining Personal Histories and takes place over 7 Modules.  This app flow only describes Module 1. 

Click here to get the free mini-lesson: http://educurious.org/solutions/project-based-courses/

2 Direct Instruction

After the Norm Rice video, faciliate a discussion with the students discussing the moments of key change that they can identify in the video.  How were these moments of pivotal change presented in the video?  Students will work in small groups to create lists of questions they would still like to ask Norm Rice. Students will then read the Norm Rice interview to see if it answers any of their questions.

3 Guided Practice

4 Independent Practice

5 Wrap-Up

Students should use the site Goodreads to choose their supplemental reading for this project.

They will use this list to look up and choose their book based upon the reviews on the website Goodreads.

Here is a list of the book options: