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Minecraft Collaborations

Students in different geographical areas/communities create together in Minecraft
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Students will be able to...

  • (learning goals will vary as this lesson can be connected to a variety of curricula)
  • connect and communicate with students from different communities 
  • share thoughts and ideas about an inquiry question orally and in written format 
  • collaborate with others to create in Minecraft to demonstrate their understanding of the common inquiry question 

Teachers will coordinate connecting with classes from another area or community. The teachers will determine an inquiry question for all students to work on together. For example: "What does reconciliation look like in your future?" (this is in relation to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in Canada). In this example students from First Nation communities and urban centres connect together around this inquiry. 

English Language Arts
Social Studies
Grades 5 – 11
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1 Introductions

Students are encouraged to introduce themselves in an online discussion forum. In Ontario, we use a common Learning Management System, but any online discussion forum such as Google Groups could do. Provide prompts for students from both (or all) classes to answer. Students could create videos about themselves or post text responses to introduce themselves. 

2 Collaborate Face-to-Face

Students are provided the inquiry question and research, work together, etc. to create something to share in a Skype or Google Hangout with the other class. 

This could include a few hangouts with a few prompts. In the sample inquiry we provided the following prompts for a series of Google Hangouts on Air: 

  1. What makes your community different or unique? 
  2. What does reconciliation mean to you?
  3. Which is the most important Call To Action from the Truth and Reconciliation report? Explain why. 
  4. What will you build in Minecraft to represent your vision of reconciliation? 

Hangouts are facilitated by a teacher, but are about students sharing from each class, not teachers. Students ask each other questions and interact. 

3 Planning in Google Docs and Online Discussion

In this stage, students collaborate to plan what they will build in Minecraft in response to the inquiry. In the sample they will build their collective vision of reconciliation. 

Students can use the online discussion in combination with organizational tables using a tool such as Google Docs or spreadsheets to plan what they will build in Minecraft and where in their Minecraft world. 

4 Build in Minecraft

Now, students will build what they planned in the previous stage. Ongoing communication and planning will be required throughout the process (using face-to-face Google Hangouts and their online discussion forum. 

5 Consolidate and Reflect

Activity: Presenting

In a final hangout and in the online discussion, students will reflect on the process of the entire collaboration. Teachers provide appropriate prompts and students create video, audio or text reflections to post in the discussion. In a final celebration, students share and compare their reflections in a Google Hangout (or Skype).