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Mi habitación ideales (My ideal bedroom)

What student doesn't dream of their ideal bedroom? Combine your dreams with some new spanish vocabulary, a little technology and step into your new floor plan!
Kristin L.
Technology coordinator
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Students will be able to...

Students will describe their bedroom in detail. Name their belongings. What activities can and/or cannot do in their bedrooms.

Students will listen to and read descriptions of bedrooms and colors.

Students will talk and write about your bedroom.

Students will survey classmates about their bedrooms and compare theirs to your room.

Students will make a "luminaria" and understand the history and significance of this tradition.

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1 Hook

Activity: Conversing

¿Cuál sería su dormitorio ideal?

Start a discussion (if possible, having students using only Spanish - even if they need to "talk around" to make their point clear...if not a combination of Spanish and English can work as a starting point) about what their ideal bedroom would look like.

Have students engage in small group conversations to start and then ask for ideas.  As students give ideas create a list of vocabulary words for students to use as a word bank for the remainder of the lesson.  This word bank can be written on the board and transferred into a GoogleDoc so that it can be shared with the class for their use and so they can edit and contribute to the ideas.

2 Direct Instruction

Using the Realidades B e-Text and the Realidades B Core Practice and Guided Practice workbook students will learn (through teacher direction/teacher teaching):

Bedroom furniture and personal belongings. Electronic equipment. Colors. Ordinal numbers. Comparison words.

The superlative. Stem changing verbs "poder" (to can) and "dormir" (to sleep).

These lessons will help students in being able to design their ideal bedroom space.

The video will be helpful in reinforcing the vocabulary.

3 Guided Practice

Students have been exposed to the vocabulary and are familiar with the grammar necessary.  

Teacher will briefly introduce students to the Home Design Software 5D.  Students can create their ideal bedroom using a computer and the website or the software can be downloaded to a tablet as it is also available on GooglePlay and through iTunes.

Instruct students to create their ideal bedroom space.  Focus will be on creating their own space while also paying attention to new vocabulary.

Instruct students that they will label their space as well as write a one paragraph descriptive piece to accompany their designs.  These written paragraphs can be written in GoogleDocs and shared with the teacher.

4 Independent Practice

Students will work on creating their ideal bedroom space using the resource provided.  

5 WrapUp

Activity: Presenting

Once student work is completed students will take turns presenting their work to their classmates showing them their creations as well as describing their space using the correct Spanish vocabulary and grammar.