Lesson Plan

Methods of Persuasion

Students will learn about ethos, pathos logos and how to differentiate between the 3 modes.
Gloria U.
La Sierra University
Riverside, United States
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I can identify different forms of persuasion. I can assess whether the reasoning is accurate and sound. I can analyze and differentiate between ethos, pathos and logos.

English Language Arts
Grades 9 – 10
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1 Engage

I’m going to ask the class to take notes on how these commercials make students feel. I’m going to show the 3 videos consecutively and then we will have an open discussion. Discussion questions will include:

  1. Can someone please tell me what the goal was for one of these videos? (If question is too broad start with first video.)
  2. Do you think the advertisement was meant to make you feel a certain way?
  3. What makes a good advertisement? On the white board, write, logic, emotion and credibility.
  4. How do you think these 3 elements relate to advertising? On the same white board, write ethos, pathos, logos on the other side.

  5. Continue the discussion asking students how they think ethos, pathos and logos may be related to emotion, logic and credibility.

Ethos Video

Pathos Video

Logos Video


2 Explore

I will briefly define ethos, pathos and logos. Then I will give each student the same stock image and have them work in groups on their devices. Each group will be assigned a different source of persuasion (ethos, pathos or logos) and will have to work together to modify the stock image, to fit the mode. Students will use the Pic Collage app on their device, to work together to modify the image.

Student Instructions

Using this image, use the Pic Collage app to change the image to fit your assigned method of persuasion. Work together as a group. This can be silly or funny if you want. Please be creative with your picture. You will have 5 minutes to make your picture. Please be ready to share your picture.


3 Explain

Activity: Presenting

I will have each group briefly share their image and why is it fits the assigned mode of persuasion. After they are finished, we will have a time of direct-instruction where I will explain the rhetorical triangle and expound on ethos, logos, pathos. During this time, students will have the ability to ask questions and clarify.

4 Ellaborate

Book Creator
Free, Paid

I will give students a ‘take-home’ project. There will be some class time to work on it, in case students have questions. Also, students will have several days to finish this.

Student Instructions

Using the Book Creator app, create your own story, no longer than 15 pages that incorporate each element of persuasion.

5 Evaluate

Activity: Other — Quiz

Using the student’s storybook, I will evaluate their knowledge and understanding to recognize the 3 different forms of persuasion. Also, students will take a quiz to test their knowledge of the 3 modes.