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Meet the Orchestra

Introducing the String Section
John W.
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My Grades Pre-K, K, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
My Subjects Arts

Students will be able to distinguish between the different instruments and sections of the orchestra after a multi week lesson on the subject.  The students will see visuals of the instruments and listen to different excerpts of pieces to identify the instruments.  

Grades Pre-K – 5
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1 Take a Look!

I will guide the students through the Khan Academy video on Violin and Cello.  The students will need to learn the parts of the instrument and how they fit into the group as a whole. 

Student Instructions

You are to watch the videos on each instrument that is presented during our class time.  Pay close attention to specific details about the individual instrument and how they play a vital role within the orchestra as a whole.  You will be graded on your knowledge of these instruments.  

2 Show Me The Ropes!

Introduce this app to the students to individually open on their ipads.  This app will assess their knowledge of the orchestra.  

Student Instructions

You will access the app on your iPad.  Use this app to answer questions and show me what you know about the instruments that we have learned about today.  Use your time wisely!  

3 Give Me A Note!

Activity: Creating

The students will go to the keyboard/computer stations to compose a short piece for the instruments they have learned about today.  

Student Instructions

You will go to the keyboard/computer stations to compose a piece for the instruments that you have learned about today. You will then share your piece with the class before leaving today.  "Break a Leg"!