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Mean, Median, Mode

Students will be learning the definitions of mean, median, and mode and will be encouraged to work together to get a class average. Students are introduced to statistics and why it is important to daily life.
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I can define mean, median and mode in a word definition . I can investigate what it means to find the mean, median and mode. I can create my own data set and find the mean, median, and mode. I can explain to another student the importance and application of mean, median and mode.


Grades 6
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Teacher will play the mean, median, and mode song for students to capture their attention and to show them what they will be learning in that day’s activity.


Student Instructions

I will be introduced to mean, median and mode through a fun and interesting song. 


Activity: Other — Students will be defining words on their own before the lesson.
  • Teacher will split children into pairs and give them a worksheet with the names “mean, median and mode” to define on a specific dictionary website.
  • Students will be encouraged to learn definitions of these words on their own with another student using a dictionary website on the internet to create collaboration


Student Instructions

I will search for definitions of my vocabulary words with a partner. 


Activity: Other — • Utilizing chart paper to make a chart of the definitions of mean, median and mode
  • Have a piece of chart paper ready
  • Tell students to give teacher the definition of each word by asking for volunteers
  • After these are all written on the paper, explain that the paper will be up in the classroom for their use.
  • Explain how to find the mean, median, and mode by writing a set of five numbers on the board and solving for each
  • Explain that everything in our world has data sets. Explain that test scores are used to find out how well the class is doing on average and things like house prices for averages as well.
  • Ask students if they know any lists that use data collections
  • Students might answer, “sports”, pricing for anything we buy”


Student Instructions

I will be learning the definitions of mean, median, and mode and how to apply this in real life.

I will be learning why it is important to learn these and how I can apply them in my daily life outside of school


Activity: Other — Investigating the mean, median, and mode using individuals’ shoe sizes.

•Students will be given instruction to access a document with google sheets

•They are encouraged to find their name in the document and add their shoe size into the document

•Explain that the google sheet can help add up and divide by how many students there are to find the average shoe size of the classroom

•Have Students use google sheets to then work with a partner and find the median and the mode on their own

Spot check and walk around classroom to verify understanding

Student Instructions

I will be learning how to use google sheets to find data sets and find the average of a specific set.

I will then be working with a partner to find the median and mode of everyone in the class’ shoe size.



Activity: Other — Students will do a worksheet that requires them to solve mean, median and mode problems using sample datasets.
  • Give students review worksheet to do quietly by themselves
  • Use this time to answer any questions or help students that didn’t quite understand the lesson
  •  Listen to the Mean, Median and Mode Toads to finish the lesson
Student Instructions

I will be doing a worksheet to review what I learned in class.