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FREE Holiday theme math worksheets for K5 kids with stories and illustrations
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These worksheets are apt for kids who love math and also who don't. The unique features of these math worksheets for K5 kids will give a great math practice to children.  These math worksheets are not just plain black/white printable. These have rich colorful illustrations that attracts kids in a jiffy. Kids, known to get bored easily, gets multiple of practice through these imaginative printable.

Each math worksheets is backed by stories. Keeping in mind that children have less attention span, we have clubbed short fun stories with math that makes it engaging and interesting for kids. Each story is descriptive enough for children to grab the concept of the math skill they will be practicing in that worksheet. So, reading skills, building vocabulary, mastering math skill through repetitive practice and engaging, you name it, we have it. And speaking of mastering math skills, each math worksheet is made to master one math skill at a time. The focus is only on one skill which can be practiced repeatedly in a fun way. Monotony is out of the window. This way, all math topics from Kindergarten to Grade 5 is covered and practiced.

These math worksheets delivers life skills. Unknowingly, child learns about kindness, helping others, taking care of animals and loving the nature. Also, these printable worksheets are available in various holiday themes like Halloween worksheets, Thanksgiving worksheets and much more.

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Grades Pre-K – 5
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1 Read the story on top of the worksheet and apply math facts

Activity: Reading

Read the story on top of the worksheet and apply math facts