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Math Talk with Tellagami

Students practice explaining math concepts and vocabulary in their own words using the Tellagami app.
Alyssa V.
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James Denman Middle School
San Francisco, United States
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My Grades 6
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Students will be able to explain and define math vocabulary terms using words, pictures and numbers.

Grades 4 – 8
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1 Direct Instruction/Explanation of Project

1. Teacher will introduce the "Math Talk" project to the class. Rubric will be passed out and reviewed.

2. Teacher will model how to define math concepts and vocabulary using Tellagami by presenting their own project example to the class.

3. Teacher will provide students with the math vocabulary or concepts being reviewed. Students will choose from a list or will be given a specific concept/term to work on. Teacher has the option of allowing students to create projects individually or in pairs/groups.

2 Guided Practice and Independent Practice

Students work to create their own Tellagami. Below are the steps they will follow:

1. Create the background. Students will choose to use manipulatives, whiteboards, base ten blocks, geometric shapes, coordinate grids, student reference books, etc.. as their Tellagami background.

2. Create the Gami. Students choose their character, mood and style.

3. Write a draft for what the Gami will say on a Google document.

4. Using your voice or the ones provided on Tellagami, record your Gami's conversation.

5. Review the rubric to make sure your Tellagami covers all expectations.

6. Save your project to the camera roll and upload it to teacher's preferred method of submission (Edmodo, Google Drive, etc...)

7. Students share their projects with the class.

3 Wrap Up/Exit Ticket

Free, Paid

Teacher creates a quick Kahoot! quiz that covers the vocabulary/math concepts covered in the Tellagami project to individually assess student's understanding of the terms reviewed.

1. Students complete the Kahoot! quiz.

2. Lastly, students wrap-up the day on Today's Meet. Teacher prompts students to write one Ah Ha! Moment, Appreciation or Apology from the day (the 3 A's) to close out.