Lesson Plan

Math Strategies

Fluently add and subtract within 20 using mental strategies

Students will be able to...

  • Identify mental strategies for addition
  •  Solve equations using mental strategies
  • Determine what strategy would work best for a given situation.
Grades 2
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1 Hook

Project the Prior Knowledge Connection

Say to the students, “Today we are going to be using strategies to help us solve addition and subtraction equations. A strategy is like a plan. Strategies help us think about and solve math problems. 

Student Instructions

What strategy would you use to solve the following equations?

Sort the equations into categories.

2 Direct Instruction

Project the Task Introduction Video to show the solution to the Prior Knowledge Connections and then introduce a similar scenario requiring students to apply known strategies to solve equations mentally

  • How is the new problem in the video similar to the one you just worked on?
  • How is the new problem in the video different from the one you just worked on?
  • How can the strategies you already know help you to solve problems mentally? 
Student Instructions

Watch the video and participate in the teacher led discussion.

3 Guided Practice

Project Conceptual Understanding Task in front of the class and allow students to work.

Projected time 10-15 minutes

Student Instructions

Complete the Conceptual Understanding Task

4 Independent Practice

As students work, use the Task Implementation Guide to:

  • Monitor student progress
  • Ask questions to move students thinking forward
  • Make decisions about the discussion of the work

After students have finished their work, use the topics below to facilitate a discussion.
Play the video that explains the Key Concept behind the lesson and demonstrates how to solve the task.

  • Different strategies and why they are efficient for given problems.
  • Importance of knowing some facts from memory to help you solve new problems.

5 Wrap-Up

Project “Closing” and read the statements to the class about the Key Concept of this lesson

Handout the “Exit ticket” and allow 5 minutes to complete.

Instructional guidance: Review doubles and near doubles facts to help students understand the difference between each strategy as well as help commit facts to memory.

Student Instructions

Complete the Exit Ticket