Lesson Plan

Math Model 2.0

Students will integrate technology and a cooperave way to achive their succes.
Julio B.
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Henry B Gonzalez Elementary School
Dallas, United States
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My Grades 4
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Students will be able to... describe the relationship between two place-value positions.

Grades 4
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1 Engagement

Opt 1: Teacher will project the short video clip "place value"

Opt 2: Teacher will project the short  video clip "place value"

Teacher will ask questions before/while/after the video to students (one-pais-groups, classdojo rewards)

Student Instructions

Opt 1: Students will talk and reflect after watching the video and then formulate 2-3 questions. The class will try to answer those questions. (classdojo rewards)

Opt 2: Students will write a short summary about the video clip

Optional: Students will review the video in home/school and they will answer the short quiz.

2 Math Phases (Instruction)

Teacher will set the lesson vocabulary words

Teacher follows the 3 math phases (Math Model 2.0)

Student Instructions

Students will do an activity with the vocabulary words. (relate/complete)

Students works collaborative with other students and with the teacher (Math Model 2.0)