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Use architecture to learn math (and vice versa)
Charles B.
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Students will be able to draw a floor plan using software and graph paper, to scale....

Grades 3 – 11
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1 Hook

Activity: Drawing

Sketch the classroom from your chair. Do not worry about scale, neatness, etc. Use colored pencils if desired.

2 Direct Instruction

Activity: Investigating — Measure the room

Discuss best ways to measure the room. Then measure the length of walls and doorways. Estimate areas if necessary. Label the walls from your sketch.

3 Guided Practice

Activity: Investigating — Drawing

Discuss scale. Use an atlas or city/subway map as an example. Show floorplans too. Explain how 1/4 inch on paper can equal 1 foot in real life.


4 Independent Practice

Activity: Drawing

Provide graph paper (1/4 inch boxes). Have students convert their actual wall measurements to scaled measurements on the graph paper. Recreate the walls and doorways of the room.

5 Independent Practice

Activity: Creating

Create a digital version of the graph paper drawing using Powerpoint line tools. Use the ruler and grids to draw it to scale. Use the instructions from http://www.math-kitecture.com

6 Wrap Up

Activity: Assessing

Save the CAD (computer-aided drafting) floorplans and send to math-kitecture to be posted in the Gallery (http://www.math-kitecture.com/gallery)