Lesson Plan

math in a restaurant


take the data given 

estimate what the next years prices should be 

compare with others and come to a solution of the best way and best price

Grades 6 – 8
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1 Math in a restaurant??

have the students watch the video provided on the website about Sue Torres  and her restaurant.

2 steps

Activity: Presenting

go over the steps of how use the data that is given 


3 Take the challenge

the students use the prompt on the website to figure out from using the prices of avocado of the last three to estimate the next years prices


4 compare

the website tells a video of how they figured out the new prices and the students will compare that their work to the work and prices from the video

5 collaborate

have the students in small groups and have them discuss how they came to the conclusions then have them come up with the best way they think to get and the best price