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Math Demonstration Lesson

Developing Whole-Number Place Value Concepts
Kelsey h.
Classroom teacher
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My Grades 4
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Students will be able to understand place value.

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1 Virtual Manipulatives

Free, Paid

Base 10 Fun

A game that allows learners to read and write numbers based on the models that are displayed.


Place the Penguins

A place value game that will help you understand the hundreds, tens, and ones units. The easy level only has tens and ones units.


Base Ten Bingo

This game allows children of first and second grade to practice counting by one's, ten's, hundred's, and thousands. First they will select the desired grid size and place value. Then, they will add up the blocks on the right and find the corresponding number on the left. While learning place value, they will also be playing bingo. When they get three correct in row they can move on to the next round!



2 ipad apps

Splash Math

Splash Math covers a variety of topics aligning to common core standards. Students will solve/answer math problems to receive and at the end of each round students will be able to choose an animal for their virtual "jungle" or "aquarium".

Cookie Factory

As owner of the Chocolate Chip Cookie Factory, your job is to ship and deliver cookies to your customers as fast as possible. Cookies are sold by ones, or in stacks or boxes.

Base-Ten Blocks

Students will represent numbers up to 1,000 using virtual base-ten blocks with the ability to check their answers before moving on.