Lesson Plan

Math Counting

Student will learn how to recognize numbers, place numbers in order and count with objects.
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1 HOOK/ATTENTION GETTER: If we learn how to count, mom and dad will let us pay for our own items in the store.

Provide enough objects for students to count up to 100 with.

Student Instructions

Counting and writing visible numbers.

2 Direct Instruction:

Write the numbers on the board and have student count them, add or subtract it with the objects they have been given; and have them write it down.

Student Instructions

Use the objects that you have been given to count the numbers that you see me write on the board. Write your answer down on your paper.


Make sure they know the difference between adding and subtracting, and that they ar.e recognizing the numbers

Student Instructions

Make sure you really look at the number and raise your hand if you don't. Make sure you add or subtract the number correctly. Raise your hand if you do know.


Go around the room and make sure that each student are recognizing and are adding and subtracting correctly.

Student Instructions

Students should be recognizing what the numbers are and adding and subtracting each problem correctly on their own.

5 Wrap Up

Call out each student's name and have them verbally state the number on the board, collect all the objects, and plan to have students count with money next lesson.

Student Instructions

Each student should be able to verbally state the numbers allowed and add or subtract when asked.