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Math Center Creation (still working on this)

In this lesson, students will be introduced to different center activities allowing the teacher to successfully lead a small guided math group while students work independently during center activities.Their activities will be review of learned standards.
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Students will be able to...

practice independently previously learned math objectives, including:

-counting with money



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1 Introduction

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Explain to students that today we're going to start doing center activites. In a moment, I'll be walking them through all the different activites they'll be doing. Show students on CorkboardMe the list of all the center activites, with the list of students' names underneath

  • Students will practice counting the right amount of change by putting the correct amount of change in an arcade game

2 Direct Instruction

Introduce students to each game:

  • in Bugs and Numbers, students will be counting money by putting the correct change in arcade games. Since the app doesn't show the teacher what students got wrong or struggled with, students will be instructed to complete a self-reflection work sheet at the end that simply says: "I had an easy time with __________" 
    • "I had a hard time with ___________"
    • For modifications, smiley/sad faces can be used instead to highlight the specific skills