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Math and Numbers Art Lesson- Restaurant

A small business experience to give students the opportunity to work with measuring, fractions, and money.
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Students will be able to...

Identify a whole and its fractions: 1/2, 1/4, 1/3, 2/3

Name and demonstrate eqivalent fractions such as: 2/4= 1/2, 3/3=  1 whole

Add money in dollars and cents

Extension: divide money

Create balance in a piece of artwork 

Develop a theme in their writing by creating a menu and items for their own restaurant 


English Language Arts
Health & Wellness
Grades Pre-K – 2
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1 Intro

Teacher sets up dining tables with a place setting for each student. Menus will be  premade by the teacher on either an IPad or hard copy.  The menus will list fun items to order. Food items should be circular for fraction cutting later such as pies, pizzas, giant cookies, etc.  Play music using a musical app such as Itunes to play restaurant music as students enter.

Student Instructions

Students sit in groups of 2-4 at their dining tables.  Students collaberate at their tables to order one food item from the menu to share.  

2 Development 1- Intro to Fractions

Activity: Exploring

Teacher brings out 1 paper plate per table and students color/draw in their food on the paper plate. Introduce the terms sharing and fractions.  Teacher demonstrates sitting with a group and cutting the food to share equally. 

Demonstrate writing fractions and give examples

Student Instructions

Students decide in teams how to cut their food order to give everyone an equal piece. 

Students take turns coming up to a smart board to draw their food and demonstrate to the class how they split their food.  Students practice using fractions to represent their portions. 


3 Development 2- Opening a Small Business

Present to students they will now be their own restaurant owners. 

Prepare students to be chefs for their small business by playing YouTube video of making home made smelly play doh.                                                                                                                                                   

A kitchen area will be equipped with only certain measuring cups and spoons. When the recipe states 1/2 of a cup and some students only have 1/4 of a cup, students will have to problem solve the equivalent fraction for their recipe. 

Student Instructions

Students start to brainstorm a name for their restaurant and the kinds of foods they may want to serve. Use the app ithoughts to mind map.                           

Students move to "kitchen area" where they make their own smelly doh.  Make one batch as a class together, discussing fractions as the students add to their recipes. Students will then make another two batches on their own. 

4 Development 3 Loking at Food in Fine Art

Prepare a gallery on the app ArtSite of food art images from historical and contemprary fine artists. Be sure to include past student work as well.  Refer to the term balance in the artwork and show examples.



Student Instructions

Students use the Artsite app to comment on the food gallery.  Students should comment on what their favorite item is and why.  Students list how the artists used balance.  As an extension students may site other reasons how the artist made their food look appealing. 

5 Development 4 Food Preparation

Activity: Creating

Refer back to the term balance and discuss how it can be achieved on a food plate with food items. (Many small items on one side such as peas balanced with a large piece of meat on the other side)                                                                             


Student Instructions

Students will prepare least 2 foods with their home made play doh and create  balance on the plate.                                       Students go back and revise their menus. They will add details such as name of restaurant, prices, and pictures.  

6 Conclusion

Free, Paid

Demonstrate making an order and totaling up a restaurant bill.  An extension for higher skill level would be to add division if student were spitting the bill with a friend. 

Play the YouTube video "Pop-Si-Co" (sounds like the popsicle song) or other food related song for getting up and dancing. This part can be anywhere in the project where students need to get up and move. 

Student Instructions

Students display their plates on one large table for a family style "feast."  Students write down 2 or more items ( more than two items for higher skill level) what they would like to order.  Students add up their total bills.  Students can then use a polling app to see what the most popular items on the menus are. 

7 Assessment


*There is a new app debuting this month 8/15 called the National Art Education Toolbox. Webinar is 8/11/15 on using this app to site standards, assessments, class organization, and more. 

Student Instructions

Self or peer assessment possible questions to answer: 

1. Consistency of the food (too soggy, too hard, or just right)   2. Comments on food gallery easy to understand and insightful 3. Plate display is balanced and visually appealing 4. Total on bill accurate