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Noor A.
Classroom teacher
The Biome Steam school
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My Grades K, 1, 2
My Subjects Science

Students will be able to learn new things about science and nature as we go through this collection of tools

Grades K – 2
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Activity: Presenting

Hi class!!! My name is Ms. Noor and I will be your teacher. And we will do so many fun activities. i am exciting to be your teacher and I hope you are as well. I will start the class by going in order to intrudes yourself and something nice or funny about you to remember. after that I will let you know the rules of the classroom and expectations in this classroom. and after that we will have some personal conversation to know more about each others. and from there we will have some materials to cover. I hope you will enjoy as I will.  

Student Instructions

1. Giving your name

2. Something nice or funny about yourself to remember 

3. Having personal conversation to know more about  our self

4. Covering some materials



The lesson plan start by asking the students if they know how to add numbers. Second, I will show the students how to add numbers together and after that I will hand out worksheets to see  how they do.

Student Instructions

1. If students need to talk raise your hand

2. If you know the answer put your thumb up on your chest so I can know that you know the answer

3. If I ask you to give me your answer put your hand to show me the answer. 


After explaining and doing the worksheets. Now I will hand out the iPad to the students and I will have my own iPad I will connect my iPad to the smart TV and guide my students through the activity. 

Student Instructions

1. Everybody focus

2. Everybody on zero level

3. Everybody should watch what I do and do it on their own iPad


After the students watched me guiding them throughout the activity app and have familiar understanding of it. Now I will let them practice it on their own.

Student Instructions

1. Talking about level 0, 1, and 2

2. You can work together

3. Share your knowledge 


After doing all of that. I will gather the students in one big circle and ask them what they have learned today. Also, i will ask them if what we covered  was helpful or not. And after that I made a poster for the class, and i will be asking the students if we did really well then we are earning points, and by the end of the week I will have something to give them if they earned all the 5 points for the week. After that we are having free time which is "dancing" because  the kids did a really good job. 

Student Instructions

1. Listen

2. Not hurting each other

3. Hands to ourselves

4. work well with others