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Creative and fun ways to adapt math facts for second grade.
Jessica M.
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Students will be able to quickly and efficiently answer basic math facts of addition sums between 0 and 10.

Grades 1 – 2
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1 Preparing to learn (Direct Instruction and Creation)

Activity: Creating

The teacher will list the math facts and their answers on the whiteboard. Then, the teacher will effectively model how to create Math Fact Flash Cards for the group of addition problems listed on the board.

Student Instructions

Listen, carefully as I explain how to create the Math Flash Cards on the board. Watch and create flash cards that look just like the ones on the board. The problem should be centered on the front side of the card. When you flip the card over write just the answer in the center of the card.

2 Explore the many ways to practice math

Introduce GoGo Math Games website. There are many different games to explore but have the children go onto the website and explore addition facts that match the content they are studying in class.

Student Instructions

Look at the cool math practice games on this website. If you have a computer at home you can access these at your house. Make sure to find a partner and use the next fifteen minutes to practice math addition facts with a pal,

3 Lesson wrap up

Activity: Assessing

Students have now practiced their math facts for over fifteen minutes with a pal and will take another fifteen minutes to identify and self assess which problems they have mastered and which ones they need to practice some more. Students should then take another fifteen minutes to work toward mastering these problematic math facts and continue to review their math facts for upcoming assessments.

Student Instructions

Practicing with a friend can be fun, but it's also good to take a moment and look back at how we did. Did you struggle on certain problems? Did you find math facts that didn't come to you in a flash? If so, you need to take extra time to practice these facts in particular and review all your facts for the upcoming activities that follow this week that also deal with our math facts.