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Mastering Basic Addition Facts

Mastering Math Addition Facts to 10
Cat B.
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Students will be able to...

  • add simple number to 10 to match a predifined total
  • add simple number to 10 with fluency
  • count on to add
  • count on to find the missing addend 
Grades K – 2
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1 Hook/Direct Teaching

Activity: Exploring

Materials: 10 Bear counters and 1 large, opaque plastic drinking cup 

Procedure: Tell the children that they are going to be using their x-ray vision today. Put out 10 bear counters. Count them together. Reinforce how important this step is. Then, tell the children that some of the bears are feeling shy today and that they are going to be hiding. Put some of the bears under the cup. Together count the bears that are left . Say, "Hmmmmm! How many bears are hiding? How can we figure it out?" Have a few children tell their answers and have them also tell the strategies that they used to figure out the answer. Do a few of these together. 

2 Guided Practice

Activity: Investigating

Materials: 10 Bear counters and 1 large, opaque plastic drinking cup for each group of 2 students

Procedure: Tell the children that they are now going to use their x-ray vision with partners. Tell them that they are going to be taking turns hiding some bears for their partners. The other partners will figure out how many bears are hiding and will tell the strategy that was used. Then they will switch roles. Tell them to continue taking turns until the time is up.

3 Independent Practice/Wrap Up

Materials: Ipad or Ipod hooked up to Smartboard, Ipods for every 2 students

Procedure: Play the I say, You say game: Teacher says a number and students say the next number. Play until each student has had a turn. 

Show children the Hungry Fish App on the Smartboard. Tell them that there are 3 games but that they will be playing either of the first 2 games: Wave Reef Addition or Blue Cave Addition 

Wave Reef Addition: A Hungry Fish swims about with a predefined number on him. Bubbles with numbers are being generated. Children must combine numbers to equal the number that the Hungry Fish is wearing. If correct combinations are made, the Hungry Fish gets bigger and bigger until he is satisfied and the round is over. If they make incorrect combinations, or if they take too long, the Hungry Fish will get smaller and smaller until he gets so small that the round is over. 

Blue Cave Addition: This game follows the same procedure only in this game an Angry Fish is introduced. He will eat any incorrect combinations and grow. If he gets larger than the Hungry Fish, he eats the Hungry Fish and the round is over. 

Show the students how to adjust the game for difficulty level. 

After having a few children try the app on the Smartboard, have children go off in pairs to practice the game on their own.