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March Mathness

Review of Fractions and Decimals
Tami B.
Classroom teacher
Mylan Park Elementary School
Morgantown, United States
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My Grades 5
My Subjects English Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Health & Wellness

Students will be able to... practice and review fractions and decimals using technology.

Grades 5
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1 Kahoot March Mathness

Teacher will review factions and decimals from yesterday's lesson. 

Teacher will pass out laptops to students. 

Teacher will write the website on the board for students to log in. www.kahootit.com

Teacher will write the code on the board (previously created game) 298054

Teacher will begin game.

Teacher will monitor computer while students are answering questions. The teacher will point out who the top three are after each question.

Student Instructions

Students will compete a whole group review by coming to the whiteboard and completing review problems. 

Students will open computers and log on using their school access id.

Students will type www.kahootit.com in the search bar. 

Students will type code 298054 and join game. They will type their name and begin game. 

Students will begin answering questions and playing the game.