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Manufacturing: An Augmented Reality Word Wall

Students investigate manufacturing careers and synthesize their findings into a 1 minute video.
Todd B.
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My Grades 7, 8
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Students will be able to...

  • discover the requirements and responsibilities of different manufacturing careers.
  • create a 30 second video explaining the requirements and responsibilities of one manufacturing career.
English Language Arts
Social Studies
Grades 7 – 8
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1 Interest: What is manufacturing?

Activity: Creating

Hook: Students draw their understandings of manufacturing.

  1. Give students 5 minutes to draw their understandings of manufacturing.
  2. Lead a whole group discussion in which students may present their picture to the class. Pay attention to stereotypical representations of assembly-line.
  3. Highlight the fact that manufacturing today is a multifaceted career. It is far from the stereotypical assembly line.
Student Instructions
  1. Imagine yourself working in manufacturing. What might you see in your hand? Imagine your workplace. What does it look like? Draw what you see.
  2. Share your idea with the class. What are the similarities between your ideas? Differences?


2 Investigate: Discover the variety of manufacturing careers.

  1. Show both videos
  2. Guide students to create a comparison / contrast of the two different models of manufacturing, using the discussion questions.
  3. When students finish answering their discussion questions, give each the investigate task. This allows students to work at their own pace.
Student Instructions

Answer the following questions after watching both videos:

  1. What are the most significant differences between the two pictures of manufacturing?
  2. Are there any similarities between the 2 videos?
  3. What part of the manufacturing process does the first video present? What part does the second present?


  1. Use the iSeek website to investigate three manufacturing careers of interest to you.
  2. Record the following:
    1. What are the educational requirements?
    2. What is the salary?
    3. Summarize the typical tasks required.

3 Synthesize: What's it all about?

Free, Free to Try, Paid

When students have completed the research task, instruct each to pick their favorite of the three to summarize.

  1. First students create a script for themselves that answers the questions from the investigate exercise.
  2. Using an iPad or Android tablet with the weVideo app, students work in pairs to video themselves and cut the video down to 30 seconds of concise explanation.
Student Instructions
  1. Show your finished investigation to the teacher, and select your favorite of the three careers to summarize.
  2. Create a script for yourself explaining the requirements and responsibilities of that career. Use the answers your wrote down from the investigation.
  3. Working with your partner, create a video and edit it down to a 30-second concise explanation.

4 Create: Post your video.

  1. Continuing work in pairs, students print out or neatly illustrate the job title that they researched.
  2. Using the Aurasma app, students map their video to the job title so that when the title is scanned, their video plays.
    1. Aurasma works best with "rich" images, so encourage students to creatively decorate their job titles. The more unique the better.
    2. Best practice in a classroom is to create one login for all students to use in Aurasma. Then all the Auras will be accessible from each device, even though you make them private. This works well in a middle school environment with under-13's.
Student Instructions
  1. Create an illustrated printout or drawing of the career title you chose for your video. Make your illustration unique. Have fun!
  2. Using the Aurasma app on the same device you used to make your video, post your career title as the trigger image and the video as the overlay.

5 Closure: Learn from your peers

Activity: Reading
  1. Post the student created career titles as a word wall. You've now created a class augmented reality word wall!
  2. Give students a paper to fill out investigating three unique careers. They should turn this in.
  3. Assess the completed videos and the closure.
Student Instructions
  1. Use your device to scan three different career titles, and record the information you learn.