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Stanley the Sock Monster wants to go to the moon, can we build a sustainable machine for him to embark on his travels?
Nicole Wright W.
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Students will be able to listen to Stanley the Sock Monster Goes to the Moon.

Students will be able to recall/retell parts of the story and apply it to their design.

Students will be able to create/collaborate/design using loose parts.

Students will be able to build/engineer a sustainable machine.

English Language Arts
Social Studies
Grades Pre-K – K
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1 Stanley's Sustainable Machine

Activity: Creating

The Design Challenge

Making-  Build a machine that will take Stanley to the moon.

Engineering- Create/Design a sustainable machine with loose parts.


  • How will you build the machine? 
  • What does your machine need to include?
  • What loose parts(items) will you use to make the machine?
  • What will your machine look like?(Sketch or Draw it.


  • What ideas worked for Stanley?
  • Could you combine any of Stanley's ideas to make a sustainable machine?
  • What do you think your machine needs to have successful travel to the moon?
  • How will you make the machine strong enough to travel to the moon?

Build or Create it

Gather the loose parts you need

Build It----> Try It---->Revise It----> Share It


Student Instructions

Questions and Comments

  1. What do you think would happen if you built it with different materials?
  2. Do you think that Stanley could use this to travel to the moon?
  3. Tell me about your machine.

Comprehension/Problem Solving

  1. Why do you think that Stanley's ideas didn't work in the beginning?
  2. How do you think your machine compares to Stanley's?


Stanley the Sock Monster Goes to the Moon

Making and Tinkering Webinar