Lesson Plan

Making patterns

the children will make patterns with blocks and then on the ipad.

Students will be able to...

Identify an ABAB pattern

Identify an ABCABC pattern

Use technology to increase learning

Grades Pre-K
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1 Hook

Activity: Conversing

Gather the children are the carpet and show them the tray that is covered with a blanket (It will be colored cubed blocks.)

Have the children identify what is under the blanket.

After several guesses, show the children the colored blocks on the tray, and ask the children what they could be used for.  

2 guided practice

Activity: Exploring

After several guesses, I will explain to the children that we will use the items to make patterns.  Patterns are when you arrange items to form a sequence. 

Explain that first we will start a simple ABAB pattern, which means one item then another and then back to the first item.

Demonstrate how to make the ABAB pattern, allowing the children to help complete the pattern.

Explain that patterns can be longer, like ABCABC.

Demonstrate how to make the ABCABC pattern, allowing the children to help complete the pattern.

If, still holding the children interest, continue with a more difficult pattern.

Next, explain to the children that they will be creating patterns of their own during center time.  But, instead of using blocks, they will be using iPads.

Explain that three people will be able to play a game called, Park Math HD, at the table with the teacher.

Review the proper way to use the iPad.  Keep it at the table, use a gentle finger, and stay on the app.

3 Independent Practice

Send the children to centers, by saying the first letter of their names.

Three children will meet the teacher at the circle table, where the three iPads are placed.  The teacher will review the three rules again and start the app for the children.  The game has three different levels, and they teacher will change the level, as needed.

While they are playing the pattern game, she will ask:

“What kind of pattern are you making?”

“Are you sure that is the next item?”

“Why do you think that goes there?”

4 conclusion

Activity: Assessing

When the children’s turns with the iPads are done, thank them for making either ABAB or ABCABC patterns, and send them to the next center.

Also thank them for using the iPads correctly.